The Time of your Call!

Ecclesiastes 3:1; 11 “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. God makes everything beautiful in its time.”

There are 2 dimensions of time that God has given to us: One is Chronos Time = the ticking of the clock and turning of the calendar. The other is Kairos Time = A God appointed window of opportunity that you must seize.

I’m sure you have worked out by now that God operates by a different clock to us. It’s called Eternity! Before we were, God was, when we leave this planet, God will still be. We have 70-120 years on this planet, God is eternal. We want God to work in our time and space continuum but God operates by his eternal cosmic plan. God ordains in his eternal timeline, kairos moments in our lives that he calls us to rise up and seize.

Fulfilling your call requires patience to wait for God’s kairos moments and discernment to see the kairos opportunity before you. Sometimes we can get confused with God and his eternal plan because we feel like we are doing the right things but we’re not seeing the right results we are working towards. A basic way of looking at this is with the following formula: the right action at the wrong time = confusion but the right action at the right time = progression.

As I’m writing, I can recall the words of Uncle Mordecai to his niece Esther (bit of a hottie) in the book of Esther, “Esther, you aren’t pretty darling, just so you can parade down the catwalks of the Kings palace but could it be that you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

There is a right time to outwork the call of God in your life. Be faithful with what God has put into your hands while you are patiently waiting for your kairos moment.


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