Call Waiting!

Recently, I updated my mobile handset to an iPhone 4. Thank God for technology because it definitely makes life more efficient especially after messing my iPhone 3 up trying to upgrade it with iPhone 4 software. I’m sure you have found some of the same frustrations with phone companies as I have. I have been a loyal customer of Optus for over a decade but every now and then I’ve considered going to the dark side (…Telstra). Why, you ask? Well have you ever tried to call your phone company and been left on hold for 20, 30, 40+ mins? I have and it’s interesting that the very people who supplied you the phone in the first place, who you are ringing up to get help from don’t end up answering your call for a very long time, if at all.

I think God sometimes feels the same way with us. God calls and calls and calls and calls and then calls some more but we leave him on hold sometimes for a very long time (Like a month, a year or even a life-time). I think there are 2 reasons for this: 1) We don’t recognize the call or; 2) We ignore the call.

The founder of the Salvation Army “William Booth” once said, “‘Not called’, you say. ‘Not heard the call’, more likely.”

God’s call on your life is waiting to be answered. Have you answered it? His call may come in lots of different ways: Scriptures, Prophecy, Burden, Holy Discontent, Dreams and Visions. However it comes is not the issue. The issue is have you responded to it? Don’t leave God on hold but answer his call on your life.


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