Defining your Call!

One of the most important aspects of calling is definition. How would you define your call? Have you even thought about defining your call or are you just wandering through life, hoping to bump into your call along the way? Too many of us leave our call to chance rather than intentionally pursuing it.

Jesus had an understanding of his call. Jesus did not begin his ministry in a random way. In the Gospels, I read a lot of intention and purpose to his words and actions. Because Jesus is our example to follow, I think we should, likewise, have an understanding of our call.

If you are reading this and starting to get anxious because you are struggling to define your call, please stop because that’s not going to help you get clarity. My purpose is simply to provoke within you a desire to begin the journey of thinking, praying and hopefully better understanding what God has called you to.

As you go on this exciting journey, I want you to think about summarizing your calling in ONE BIG IDEA. Don’t think in terms of paragraphs of information but define your calling in one, simple, compelling and clear sentence. If you can narrow the focus of your call to ONE BIG IDEA that could fit on a T-shirt, you are well on your way to living out your call with definition.

I’ve narrowed my call down to ONE BIG IDEA, “To activate the call of God in people’s lives”. I would unpack this ONE BIG IDEA by saying, my assignment is activate people for their assignment. My holy discontent is seeing people not walking in their God-given call. I have a burning passion and desire to fire people up about living on purpose and using their gifts and time to make a difference in the world. This passion bleeds through in my preaching, my blog, my writing, my relationships and my ministry.

Recently, I attended the Planet Shakers Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Planet Shakers is a movement that God is using to impact thousands of people around the world. They have a clear understanding of their call. They would define their call as “Empower a generation to win a generation.” They have narrowed their call to ONE BIG IDEA.

So, what is your call? How would you define it? Is it simple enough to fit on a T-shirt but is it complete enough that it encapsulates all that God has put on your heart? I’m interested in hearing what your call is. Reply to my comments section and send me through your ONE BIG IDEA. Remember, it’s not about right and wrong but about definition. We all have different callings, what is yours and how would you define it?


7 thoughts on “Defining your Call!

  1. Loving the new blog.
    I’m still yet to put my call into a sentence but I’m certainly getting more and more clarity. In a nut shell my calling is to be a Godly wife and mother and to encourage others to be the same. Just last week God gave me the phrase “the first five” – the first five years are the most important in a child’s life and I see my ministry first and foremost to mothers of pre-schoolers who have children ‘in the first five years of life’. It’s all about doing life with mothers, encouraging them, offering practical help and advice and basically being a Titus 2:3-5 older woman in their lives. And the big thing that I’m hugely passionate about at the core of it all is that I believe that one of the highest calls upon mothers is to disciple their kids into God’s kingdom and to help their children to discover who it is God created them to be so that their kids can live out God’s call for their lives. A mother should help their child to feel unique, created on purpose, and help their child to ‘unpack’ all that God has placed inside of them.
    Anyway, I’m still growing and learning myself but it’s a start and I’m trying to live it out myself in God’s strength first so I can pass it on to others.

  2. Hmmm, straight up I have no idea lol >.<
    I've been told I have a teaching gift by three diffrent people, but to what capacity I'm still yet to discover.
    Incredably frustrating to say the least as I'm more than willing to start it up and get cracking so to speak in whatever God would have me do.
    I'll guess i'll have to just keep praying and hopefully get some insight on it more down the track.
    On a diffrent note, love the blog site bro! really enjoyed reading the posts so far.
    Thanx for taking the time to write them and I look forward to reading more 🙂

    1. Adzo,

      Thanks for your response. Frustration has a creative power to it that pushes us to bring to the surface what God has put deep within our hearts. Keep going on the journey. Thanks for your encouragement.

  3. These summary words of my big idea came to me while on holiday this week:   God shows me stuff, I capture it, then I share it – encouragement & the wonders of God.

    I love to encourage people & build them up in the things of God – the way He moves in our lives, the way He speaks to us, His beauty, His power, His faithfulness, the way He heals & grows us into all that He planned, & to encourage people where they are at & in their next step. I guess another way to describe my big idea would be to ‘encourage & inspire people in their faith’. Or ‘to help people see God’s blessings and love for them’.

    I know these baby steps will grow as I stay out of the box,  keep trusting God, and glean from like-minded people. Ah the challenges of this wonderful journey, but one I’m willing to take!

  4. i can picture clearly the day I received the holy spirit, I had only been going to Church for a very short time
    However my past has had much trauma and at 49 I was more than ready for Gods WordLove Peace Grace and Mercy
    I am reluctant to say because I don’t want to be wrong I have had quite a few people tell me what they think my calling is, i know that I was so on fire and electrified that day I had no idea I had just revieved the Holy Spirit, I didn’t know you could, I wanted to climb on the top of buildings and
    Shout his Truth
    Give People Hope Encoragement
    Help the Poor and the Homeless
    Comfort those in distress
    Give them hope
    Talk to People who need encouragement
    The Question is which one
    Thankyou Pastor Corey for your Amazing Words you are a true Blessing to all of us

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