Insecurity will undermine your Call!

1 Samuel 9:21 “Saul answered, ‘Am I not a Benjaminite, from the least of the tribes of Israel? And is not my clan the humblest of all the clans of the tribe of Benjamin? Why then have you spoken to me in this way?'” 

Saul was called by God to be the first king of Israel. The prophet Samuel was asked by God to prophecy and anoint Saul to be the king but right from the very beginning Saul suffered from deep insecurity. Have a read of Saul’s journey and you will see how the seeds of insecurity under-minded his call all throughout his life.

Insecurity! Most of us suffer from it in some shape or another and it is often rooted in a person’s childhood. In fact many adults have an insecure child still in them due to a significant emotional trauma in their past. When I think about insecurity the image of a ball and chain comes to mind. Insecurity is a heavy weight that slows you down puts a cap on your potential as a person.

Insecurity is a feeling of unease and vulnerability due to a perception of feeling threatened in some way. Insecurity is a lack of confidence in our value as a person. Insecurity is a lack of security in who we are in our personal identity.

The symptoms of insecurity can range from isolation of others and withdrawal, through to developing a controlling personality, accompanied by aggressive behaviour. Insecure people can avoid confrontation or go the other way and engage in over-compensatory behaviour, such as trying to be the ‘life of the party’ when really they are just trying to cover up a hurt they don’t want others to see. To avoid being found out, insecurity puts up defense mechanisms in our minds to mask what we really feel inside.

Insecurity is unhealthy to our souls because it drives us to do all sorts of things that are unnatural to how God designed us or what he wants for us. Insecurity is dangerous to our call because it limits what God can do through us because we are always living with what other people think on our minds.

The remedy for insecurity begins with prayer and asking the Holy Spirit specifically to help take your insecurity away. You also need to ask God to gives you a revelation of your own self-worth in light of being created by God and what Jesus Christ has done for you on the cross. You need to open the Scriptures and discover who you are in Christ. You also need to celebrate the gifts God has given to you and become comfortable with using them. I encourage you to completely avoid comparing yourself with others because this will only feed your insecurity. I encourage you to welcome people who compliment you and who can be a source of re-assurance to you. Don’t push away the very people God has called to encourage you along the way.

Insecurity is part of our fallen nature and a tool of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy your life. Ask the Great Physician himself to cut it out of our life, roots and all. It will destroy your relationships and steal the blessing God wants you to be to others. Lay aside the weight of insecurity by surrendering it at Jesus’ feet and pick up Jesus’ yoke and burden which is light and easy.


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