Gifts that compliment the Call!

Romans 12:6 “Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.”

God has graced you with special gifts and abilities as an entrustment to serve His purposes in your life. These special abilities are called spiritual gifts and these gifts are a supernatural ability given by God to reveal God to the world and serve people for their benefit.

Whatever purpose God has called you for, he gives special grace to compliment the call on your life. Sometimes we can fret over what God is asking us to do but know that God also empowers you with what you need to walk in your call.

You have a responsibility to discover your gifts and there are many ways you can do that. Completing a profile may make you partially aware of your gifts but the best way to know what your gifts are is to just start serving and your gifts will come to the service. Some people wait to start serving until they find the perfect fit but the perfect fit only comes through serving with a right attitude. Jesus said, “The greatest among you will be the one who serves.”

You have a responsibility to develop your gifts. Your gifts won’t grow all by themselves. Reading and researching your gift helps sharpen your knowledge base on how to use your gift. Watching how others use their gift and following their example helps sharpen your gift. Finally, practicing your gift helps develop your gift.

Finally, you have a responsibility to deploy your gifts. You must put your gifts into action. Your gifts are a revelation of God to you and to the world. Your gifts aren’t separate to you, they are literally God in you expressing himself through you to the world. God gave you gifts to compliment the call he has pre-designed you for. Don’t neglect your gifts and they will serve others well.


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