Prophecy and the Call!

To be prophetic is to reveal the mind, will and intention of God. Prophecy is really important in the call process because it reveals the mind, will and intention of God for your unique call and gifting. Prophecy has a way of activating all the other spiritual gifts and helping you recognize the call of God in your life.

What you need to understand about prophecy is that it is God’s intention for you, not an official declared outcome that will come to pass regardless of how you respond to it. You must position yourself to possess the word you have received.

Positioning yourself to walk in your call means testing the word you have received (not putting it on the shelf to just sit there). It also means assuming a posture of learning about your call and gifting that the word is pointing you to. Reading books, seeking out a mentor and attending a conference or a seminar all help towards walking in God’s intention for you.

Respond to the prophetic word in faith and watch God work powerfully in your life as your call begins to take shape. Prophecy can quicken and multiply your insight into the call and gift of God, as well as activate the grace needed to move powerfully in your call.


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