The Call of Preaching

Preaching is a calling and it’s so important to the role of the Church in the world but some people don’t appreciate its relevance to contemporary society.

We’re living in a culture of disillusionment saturated by secularization, post-modernism, paganism, idolatry and individualism. In the midst of all of this, there is no substitute for the local church. What makes the church, the church is connected to mans real need.

Man’s real need isn’t sickness, due to being a victim of circumstances. Man’s real need is to be reconciled to God because of our rebellion (Romans 4:11-18). All brokenness in our lives is a symptom of man’s rebellion in some form or another. Man’s rebellion has caused ignorance and death and yet the church has been given the cure. The church is a specialist body of people not called to reproduce the work of other agencies but to preach the GOSPEL.

Every person on the planet needs an encounter with God’s grace and truth. The Gospel message proclaimed and the Gospel message practiced works because man’s rebellion hasn’t changed. We are all in need of a saviour and how will we respond to the call of the Gospel if someone doesn’t preach to us and practice grace and truth before us.

Preaching is central to Christian worship and where it has become a secondary priority, the church has suffered. Preaching is a calling, not a passing fad of a bygone era. Preaching is being able to articulate the paradox of the human soul and give insight into God’s ideas to the mysteries of life. While the presentation is important, the real substance is found in the value of the insight being shared. Preaching takes the words of Scripture and brings them to life so people’s hearts can be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit in the word of God.


2 thoughts on “The Call of Preaching

  1. I agree we all , acording to God’s word are called to preach the gospel it is not only the pastor’s job.

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    Thank you and God bless

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