Stick to your Call!

Jesus is our supreme example for life and faith. Jesus stuck to his call and he did not deviate from it. An ancient proverb says, “If you want to defeat them, distract them.”. In the wilderness Jesus was given several lucrative opportunities to use his talents in a way that did not relate to his mission.

However, Jesus resisted them because none of these opportunities fit with his mission statement. Just stop for a moment and think about what Jesus did not do. After all, he was the Son of God and could have done anything he wanted, with guaranteed success. He was endowed with limitless power from on high and yet he did not build a temple or a synagogue. He did not write or distribute books and yet the Gospel of John records that if everything he said and did were recorded, all the books in the world could not contain them. Jesus did not even heal all the sick people in the world. He did not go down to the graveyards and raise everyone from the dead.

Jesus call was very specific and he stuck to it. He said, “I have come to seek and save the lost” (Luke 19:10). Can you summarize your call as specifically as Jesus did? Can you identify a current list of opportunities that might really be distractions. What are they?


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