Why God leaves Giants in the Land!

Numbers 13:32 “… The land, through which we have gone to spy out, is a land that devours its inhabitants, and all the people that we saw in it are of great height.”

Israel, and especially the 10 spies who brought back a negative report of the Promised Land would surely have liked it, if God had have destroyed the giants in the land on their behalf. But God left the giants alive in the land he had called Israel to possess because God wanted his people to grow in their authority and faith. The giants in the land stood between Israel and their calling. A part of Israel possessing their call as God’s people, was to rise up in authority and slay the giants themselves.

Sometimes, God doesn’t remove the giants in your life the way you might want him to because he actually wants you, in partnership with His Spirit, to rise up in your spiritual authority and conquer them yourself. We all need God to work powerfully in our lives but we also need to grow in spiritual authority and maturity ourselves. There might be some giants you have been praying God would remove for some time, but maybe God is letting them stay alive for your own benefit. A bicep muscle only gets stronger through active resistance. In the same way, the muscles of your spirit often only get stronger through spiritual resistance.

God calls you more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ. He wants you to live out this revelation by overcoming obstacles that come your way by faith in the name of Jesus. What are the giants in your life and ministry that are trying to intimidate you? There are all sorts of giants – relational, marital, financial and physical, to name a few. None of these giants can compete with God’s might and power. It’s time to rise above your feelings and begin to boldly exercise your faith against the attack coming against you.

Next time you face a giant in your way, ask God to remove it but if he doesn’t, then you know what to do. Find a way in God’s Word to beat the sucker.


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