Position to Possess

Prophecy is not an automatic outcome, it represents Gods intention for you. It’s easy to deceive yourself into a false sense of security by thinking that the outcome is guaranteed simply because you have received a prophetic word.

Truth is, you need to position yourself to possess what God has spoken over your life. The apostle Paul was constrained by the Spirit to go to Jerusalem but he still had to buy a ticket to get on the boat that was going to take him to Jerusalem.

What has God declared over your life? What promises has he spoken into your heart? What are you doing to possess them? It maybe that you have to wait patiently for them to come to pass, while you are doing all you can behind the scenes to be prepared and ready for the promise to be fulfilled.

Faith positions you to posses Gods promises. God is attracted to faith and when faith kisses the word of the Lord, the possibility of the word coming to pass in the natural realm is unlocked. I encourage you to receive Gods word with joy but also test it and posture your heart by faith to posses the promise in your reality.


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