Count the Cost!

You can’t go up if you don’t give up something that’s holding you back!

1 Timothy 6:6 “Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment.”

Contentment with Godliness is cool because it’s relational. It represents an upgrade in our relationship with the Father and says we are happy with him but still want more of him at the same time. It means we are exploring our future relationship with him while enjoying our current relationship with him. However, contentment outside of this context can lead us into complacency. Complacency is not on Gods agenda for any of us.

An athlete called up to the Olympic team must make decisions about lifestyle, health and fitness that are in agreement with a vision to win the Gold medal. Vision releases freedom but also brings restraint. The same applies to our spiritual lives and life calling. We all must choose to live in a way that is aligned with God’s purpose and permission. in order to generate accomplishments in some areas, i will have to curtail my involvement in areas that are dubious or unhelpful.

Examine your heart today, is your high calling in God matched by a high commitment or a low commitment? If it’s low, then evaluate everything and begin to change . you only have one life and it’s not a dress rehearsal. We are on stage now and the curtain is up. Your relationships might change, your study habits, your time with God, your conversations and how you use your income might have to all change to match the high calling God has given you.

When you launch out in the beginning of your journey, you may count the cost initially but never really understand the actual cost involved. As we journey we pay the price in installments, which makes it bearable. Every time we pay the next portion, we receive the next measure of God’s allowance to us and we continue to grow up in Christ. It’s only when we are shaken to our very core that we start to discover the hunger to overturn everything contrary to the life God has ordained for us.


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