God, what if I get it wrong?

God takes great pleasure in planning our lives (Jer 29:11). The revealing of those plans can be relational through guidance or ministered through prophetic direction. Guidance comes from the Lord through our ongoing relationship with him. The goal of the Spirit is to teach everyone how to hear the voice of God for themselves. In the joyful practice of the simple disciplines of prayer, worship, being still and meditation, we learn sensitivity to the Spirit.

If we do not stay in fellowship with God, life can get ahead of our intimacy, and we come under pressure through events, circumstances, and people. We all need Jesus much more than we need external prophetic direction. Failure to upgrade our relationship with God is ultimately what makes us tired, weary, and open to oppression. When life increases, our fellowship must increase also.

It’s important to have a firm conviction that our steps are ordered by the Lord (Psa 37:23) however direction for the next step in our lives will often come through a 3rd party. The Holy Spirit will take sovereign action, in response to our prayers, to give us the external direction we need in our lives to compliment the internal process of guidance that God is working into our hearts.

There will be occasions when we miss something of God’s plan and purpose for our lives. In these moments we must trust that God is more than able to reveal to us our error and get us back on the right path again. To ensure this, we need to keep an open heart and a short account with God. As we enjoy fellowship with God, our hearts become sensitive to his leading and if repentance is needed, we must confess our error and align our thoughts and actions with the new pathway God is revealing to us. Remember, along your spiritual journey, there are only learning opportunities. We only fail, if we ignore the signs God is giving to us and selfishly choose our own pathways in life.


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