Make a Decision!

The key ingredient of a leader is the tenacity to act. 

I sometimes find myself caught in the trap of procrastination because I feel tension around making a decision. This tension can be because I’m waiting for more information but it can also be because I’m wanting to avoid making a mistake or avoid receiving criticism.

The reality is, while more information may or may not come, I more than likely have all the information I need right now and I just need to act upon it. In making a decision, you need to get as much information as possible and then move forward on the decision. Your information can come from the bible, people, books, google or God (in some cases all of them are needed) but decisiveness is ultimately needed.

What are you procrastinating on and why? Get on with it. Make a decision, stop wasting more time by avoiding the necessary. There is too much at stake for you to delay what you know you need to do.


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