Weekly Wrap Up!

book of the week

Gary McIntosh has written a provocative little book titled, “One size doesn’t fit all”. It’s a book that looks at the different dynamics of churches, whatever the size. Too often we attempt to super-impose the structures and systems of a larger church onto a smaller church without taking into consideration the unique dynamics of each local church. This book has a fantastic summary chart of the authors insight into church life and I’ve recently been able to take my staff through the process of evaluating where we are at. A great read for pastors and those leaders interested in church growth and health dynamics.

quote of the week

The Church isn’t simply alive to sing hymns but to rebuild broken lives. (Allan Meyer – Life Keys)

moment of the week

Life Group on Wednesday night with 4 new Christians attending was just fantastic. It was refreshing to see such passion and faith.

news of the week

New series launches at Activate Church in March 2012, “Lets talk about SEX”. Follow sermon podcast at http://www.activatechurch.com


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