Lets Talk About Sex!

(Read 1 Corinthians 6:12-7:5 for context)

Corinth was a city, not unlike Melbourne in that it was the epi-centre of everything cool, cultural and sexual. Recently, I came across a stat that said there are more brothels in Melbourne than McDonald restaurants. This is indicative of the sexualisation of our culture and its idolatry of it.

In v12 Paul is quoting what the Corinthians would say when arguing for freedom of sexual expression. Just because it seems like everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s right or even helpful. The stats tell us that 86% of men and 83% of women believe sex before marriage is ok. Society says, “We are 2 consenting adults and we live together and we’re married in our hearts. So whats the problem?”

The problem is we are approaching our bodies, sexuality and relationships from a fallen and misinformed perspective, rather than Gods perspective. Gods standards are higher than the culture around us.

V12 asks us to consider 3 questions when thinking about sex:

  1. Is it Lawful? Does the sexual act violate Gods laws and societies laws?
  2. Is it helpful? Does the sexual act pull a marriage together or apart?
  3. Is it enslaving? Does the sexual act promote obsessive, unhealthy behavior?

Grace! (More to come this week)

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