Weekly Wrap Up!

book of the week

Jeff Manion has written a great book titled, “The Land Between”. Jeff explores the characters of Moses, Jeremiah, Elijah and David and looks at the way they found God in difficult transitions in their lives and ministries. Everyone of us go through difficult seasons in our lives, suffering, sickness, moving locations and jobs, relational conflict and financial challenges, This book encourages us to see these seasons as transitions in God’s purposes for our ultimate good and his glory.

quote of the week

In the desert seasons of life, theoretical knowledge becomes experiential knowledge.

moment of the week

Playing the back 9 holes of St Johns at Heritage Golf Course with Dr Allan Meyer was a classic struggle for supremacy as Allan and I competed for the holy grail of… beating each other. I led early, he came back with a vengeance and heading into the last hole we were even but then I missed my chip shot and he beat me by 1 shot. I asked Jesus for forgiveness after my less than sanctified response.

news of the week

“Stop Kony 2012” is a world-wide phenomena and tireless product of a gritty, godly, and gutsy organization called “Invisible Children”. It was set up in response to the abduction and slavery of 30,000 kids in Uganda through the tyrannical leadership of Kony, leader of the liberation army in Uganda. You really will be glad you spent the little time to watch the youtube clip “Kony 2012”. Check it out.


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