God Connections!

“For the body doesn’t consist of one member but of many.”

(1 Corinthians 12:14)

Yesterday, I met up with Ian Green from the UK through a mutual friend and ministry partner (Steve Wyndham). Ian is a preacher, leader and pastor amongst other things and as I sat and listened to his story and shared my own ministry journey with him, I was reminded again of the significance of God connections.

Good opportunities are just that, good. Nothing much changes or is influenced by simply seizing a good opportunity. A God opportunity is different. It takes discernment to see God at work in the connections we make with people and it also take initiative to seize the opportunity that a God connection affords.

A God connection will have mutual benefit for all parties. The way God works, it’s never just one way. God works all things for our good when we are called according to his purpose. The body of Christ is BIG and full of very interesting people. Every now and then God will bring a GC your way and I want to encourage you to seize it. None of us are isolated islands but we are in desperate need of partnership with others. Gospel partnerships are key to Gospel advancement. We see it in the New Testament and we see the principle in operation today.

My life has been shaped, not only, by my decisions but by those God has sent my way to influence me towards his plan and purpose for my life and ministry. This includes my spouse and several significant others.

What about you? Do you recognize a God Connection in your life currently, and if so, what are you doing to nurture and cultivate the relationship?


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