A Christian’s Response to Homosexual Marriage!

This issue of ‘gay marriage’ is a hot topic in our culture. I offer my reflections as a Christian.

Genesis 1:26-28 tells us that we have been created in the image of God. We aren’t animals who can’t control our sexual desires or preferences but image bearers made in the likeness of God, male and female, he created us.

We can’t start talking about homosexual marriage by talking about homosexual marriage. We need to consider the BIG picture issue (Genesis 1-2, Psalm 24:1, 72:19) of why God created the universe. Every atom, molecule, creature and person was made for the glory of God. Every question about life must come back to how God’s glory is made visible in creation. The right order of things in God’s creation will be the order that most demonstrates God’s glory. God made us male and female and complimentary partners and this is the order that brings God most glory.

We aren’t self-defining creatures, nor autonomous moral agents but fully accountable to God as his creation. Evolutionary theory is destructive because it minimizes morality to a social construct that simply serves for the reproduction of the human race rather than a universal principle found in the personhood of God. It’s interesting how we will relax on morals when it comes to sexual preferences of 2 consenting adults, but if an old mans sexual preference is fondling little kids, then its amazing how moralistic we all become. How can you hold to a moral position on child molestation and tell an old man his particular sexual preference is wrong, if you don’t think that a moral framework applies to your own sexual preferences? It’s inconsistent.

We can never talk about sex without talking about marriage. Fire is great in the fireplace but dangerous outside of it and the same is for sex outside of the context of marriage. Sex makes sense only within the context of marriage between a man and a woman. Sex outside of marriage and God’s order is an insult to the creators design and the height of human arrogance. Human sinfulness is displayed in our demand for autonomy, for our rights and rejection of God’s moral law. The marriage union between a man and a woman is spiritually, emotionally, physically and anatomically glorious to God.

How we approach any issue is determined by how we read the bible. To hear a lecturer say, that because there’s only 11 scriptures in the bible on homosexuality, and that these 11 verses are insufficient to build a case against homosexuality, is utterly ridiculous. You’d be hard pressed to find 1 verse on child molestation and yet we acknowledge the sinfulness of the desire and action. I recently read a theological paper from a local church pastor, acknowledging that, “Any Christians response to homosexuality must draw its basis from the bible”, however, he then proceeds to question every Pauline text suggesting, “The question remains as to whether Paul’s teaching in Romans allows for committed, mutual, loving homosexual relationships”. This is confusing.

Albert Mohler says, “If the bible doesn’t speak clearly to the issue of homosexuality, it doesn’t speak clearly to anything.” (Romans 1:19-28, 1 Cor 6:9-11, Jude 7) To justify homosexuality biblically, you have to do interpretive gymnastics to justify what is explicit and uncompromising, that is, homosexual desire and practice is sin.

We must stay dependent on the authority of Scripture because the fallen human mind is supremely capable of infinite rationalization.

We must understand the doctrine of sin and Christ’s victory over it. Secular culture says, “You were born this way, so embrace your identity and press for full rights as a normalization of your lifestyle.” Gods Word outlines that we were born totally deprave (Romans 3:10-26). Whether our preference is heterosexual or homosexual we all must repent of our sin and turn towards God.

God’s grace will always provide what his grace requires of us. God’s grace will bring a re-ordering of affections and priorities in our hearts and minds, even if the residue of temptation causes us to walk with a limp for the rest of our lives (1 Cor 10:13 answers this issue). Homosexuals are not a class of persons who are beyond the grace of God to change their lives.

We must love homosexuals more than homosexuals love homosexuality. Too many people have reduced their identity to their sexual preference. This is called idolatry! Sexuality is an important part of life but only one aspect of it. We weren’t created for sexual pleasure, alone, as the meaning of life but for relationship with God. Our love must be tenacious enough to love people more than they love their sin. Homosexuality is not a special category of human sinfulness outside of God’s grace.

In conclusion, the church must engage in compassionate truth-telling and celebrate what brings glory to God above all. We must love homosexuals so much that we refuse to accept the very concept of homosexual marriage. Normalizing homosexual behaviour through redefining marriage will take sin to a new level and institutionalize idolatry to the point that God’s truth will be suppressed. Marriage between a husband and wife as a norm declares the glory of God in the most holy way. The creation mandate of marriage (Gen 2) stands as a monument to the only right ordering of human relationships. If we normalize sexual misbehavior, we have to de-normalize marriage.

For the church, marriage isn’t up for political or cultural debate, it’s a theological and spiritual issue that goes to the core of humanity. Marriage isn’t an invention of our culture, it’s the invention of God.


One thought on “A Christian’s Response to Homosexual Marriage!

  1. For an alternate view, you may be interested to read the teachings of Rowland Croucher who traditionally came from a very similar position as what has been presented in this blog, but over time formed a theology that is both affirming and encouraging of homosexuality: http://jmm.aaa.net.au/articles/25470.htm

    Nick Barta

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