Weekly Wrap Up!

I’ve been off line the last 2 weeks due to vacation and ministry in NZ but I’m ready to rock n roll again, so here we go.

book of the week

Improv Wisdom is a fantastic little book written by Patricia Ryan Madson and it promotes the idea “Don’t prepare, Just show up”. I call this anti-wisdom and a paradox in a world that constantly promotes a risk averse approach to life. In this book you will be exposed to some of the life changing ideas I have implemented to great success, including, “Say yes; don’t prepare; just show up; start anywhere; be average; pay attention; stay on course; make mistakes please and act now”. Buy this book, you won’t be disappointed.

quote of the week

The bible is bread for daily life, not cake for special occasions.

moment of the week

Spending 3 days with Greg and Linda Burson in Auckland NZ was just fantastic. I had the privilege of doing a wedding while I was over there and the whole experience was fantastic.

news of the week

Activate Youth and Young Adult Camp is happening 18-20th May. You can register online at http://www.activatechurch.com. The cost is $120 and it is going to be huge fun filled with God-encounters, relationship building and heaps of adventure.


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