Narrow the Focus!

The eagle that chases two rabbits at one time will catch neither.

All of us at some point feel overwhelmed by the demands of life that we feel like we are being buried under a pile of stuff. I encourage you to embrace the philosophy of ‘Less is More’.

Imagine a river a mile wide but an inch deep. The water is so shallow I would let my 4 year old splash around in it but imagine you narrowed the mouth of that same river to one hundred meters wide with the same amount of water surging through it. The power of the current would be that strong, you wouldn’t be able to cross over it let alone splash around in it.

Too many of us approach life a mile wide and an inch deep. Our focus ends up being diffused across too many areas, rather than in what’s most important. Focus on less, rather than more and you’ll increase the impact.

Divide your life into 4 categories of Time:

  1. Rest time = 1 full day to focus on re-energizing your body, mind and spirit.
  2. Results time = Full or half days devoted to the mission critical things in your job.
  3. Response time = Full or half days devoted to responding to and following up stuff.
  4. Refocus time = 1-2hrs weekly, half a day per month, 1 retreat each year to refocus.

Become discontent with juggling everything and break your workload into these 4 categories of time. Focus on 1 kind of activity at a time and don’t multi-task and mix them up. Prayerfully determine what your main things are and schedule them into sizable chunks of time. Less is More is the key to making an impact but still having a life!


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