You’re a Voice, Not an Echo

Read Matthew 3:1-6 for context.

Buckminster Fuller Q: ‘All children are born genius’s, however, 9,999 out of 10,000 are swiftly, inadvertently de-geniusized by grown ups.’

I’ve had the privilege of seeing my 3 beautiful kids born and each time I observed the doctors keenly looking to see signs of normal breathing in the baby upon birth. Specifically, what they were looking for was the sound of the baby’s voice for the sign of life!

Your voice is a unique natural expression of who you. Popular TV show, ‘The Voice’ has popularized the unique vocal capacity of singers wanting to break into the music industry and be the next singing sensation. I like the show on many levels because it looks for originality, not simply an imitation.

Your voice represents your unique life calling and life message Gods created you to share with the world. All throughout Scripture we read of God calling people like Moses, Esther, John the Baptist and others to lift up their voice in their generation.

Your voice is an inspiration of the Spirit breathing life into you and through you into others. There can be no more noble cause than to find your own voice and help others discover their voice as well. Unfortunately, too many of us settle for being an echo that simply repeats or imitates others rather than fulfilling the unique calling on our lives, in our own uniqueness.

John the Baptist was one such person whom God gave a unique voice to, to prepare Israel for the coming of Jesus Christ. John the Baptist was known as the VOICE crying in the wilderness. He was so unique and influential that people were leaving the modern cities of the day and heading to the desert to hear the voice yell REPENT! There are some profound insights we can glean from JB’s example:

1. Your voice will connect to people in ways other voices never will

2. Your voice is your discovery, not your decision

3. Your voice is your Holy Discontent

4. Your voice has a narrow focus to it

5. Your voice will be most developed in the wilderness

All 5 of these insights were at work to an unusual degree in Johns ministry. Jesus said of him, ‘there has not arisen a greater prophet in all Israel.’ Gods given you a voice. Don’t settle for being an echo!


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