Weekly Wrap Up!

book of the week

Prophetic Wisdom is a book written by Graham Cooke. Graham is a renowned prophet and author with 16 books to his name. This book is power-packed with insight and wisdom into prophecy and its out working in our lives. This is in my top 10 list and I highly recommend it.

quote of the week

‘The humility you gain in the valley becomes the authority you exercise on the mountain.’

moment of the week

I had the privilege to meet Stan the Man Longidinis (8 time world champion kickboxer) who is going to be speaking at Activate Church on the last Sunday in August. He is a Christian and has an amazing story to share of his life as a fighter and all that God has ione in him and through him. He regularly speaks to thousands of people every year and will be worth coming to hear.

news of the week

Dead boy sits up and asks for water at his own funeral in northern Brazil. The family and attending guests screamed and thought a miracle had just occurred but after a few seconds the boy laid back down again in the same position in the open coffin. The parents ran over to wake or revive the boy but no pulse was found. After rushing him to hospital, doctors confirmed their original diagnosis and couldn’t give an explanation for the phenomena.


3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up!

  1. So the kid dies, supposedly comes back to life, then dies again anyway. And you “love it”? Where is your ‘god’ of miracles in this story? Next headline – “Two Year Old Brazilian Boy Dies – Australian ‘Pastor’ Loves it”.

    1. Jack,

      I believe in a God of miracles, see miracles in my ministry and wrote a book titled ‘Supernatural’. I’m not celebrating his death, I’m posting something i found interesting. Ease up!

      1. I see you removed “I love it” from the original post – I’m glad that you have done that. If you investigate a bit into this matter (5 minutes on Google was all it took me) you will see that there are quite plausible medical explanations for what happened. I think that many Christians too quickly claim the unusual as being a ‘miracle’, so desperate to find something to validate their beliefs. Too quickly they exaggerate and even outright lie in order to provide stories that they believe will validate their ‘ministry’. I have no idea if you are like this, but I have seen and heard way too much of it to be anything but a cynic about miracle stories.

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