Connecting to your Calling

Your calling is shaped by defining moments in your life. I can point to defining moments that have marked me and shaped my identity and calling. What about you? What is your call story?

You may think your career is your calling. Not necessarily so. A calling is different to a career. A career is about making money, a calling is about laying up treasures in heaven. A career is about convenient living, a calling is about a life of sacrifice. A career is about an employees rights, a calling is about Gods always right. A career is about the applause of man, a calling is about the applause of heaven. A career is about attaining success, a calling is about being faithful. A career has a conclusion, a calling lasts a lifetime.

I personally define calling as, “Gods unique soul print on a persons identity that is accompanied by a strong heart conviction and empowerment of Gods anointing and grace-gifting for a specific purpose that transcends a specific occupation, and is confirmed by spiritual authority.”

There is a lot in this definition but there needs to be. Calling is deep, mystical, divine and a matter of the heart, not the head. Just take a cursory glance of the Scriptures and you will discover calling can come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Noah was called to save a remnant by building a boat. Moses was called to be a deliverer. David was called to be a king after Gods heart. Elijah was called to be a prophet to Israel. Paul was called to be an apostle to the Gentiles. Don’t minimize your call to simply your ‘job’ but realize regardless of what occupation you engage in at any one time, you’re calling transcends it.

Calling and identity are so closely aligned, it’s hard to know where one begins and the other ends. There is such an intertwining of identity in your calling that your soul and personality is hard wired up to express a longing within you that is part of the very fabric of who you are at your core. When someone is in their element, it’s that point where who they really are intersects with passion and gifting in their everyday reality.

Connecting to your calling requires you to:

1. Understand your PAST – destiny is in your history
2. Identify your PASSION – What’s your holy discontent?
3. Discover your ABILITY – What comes easily to you?
4. See your OPPORTUNITY – What doors are open to you?
5. Open your EARS – What is God saying to you?

Your destiny is not your decision, it’s your discovery. When you connect to your calling, you connect to your life purpose.

St Francis of Assisi once said,

God picks the meanest and weakest of people on the earth and he uses them.

You’re in good company today. God has called you and he wants to use all of us in spite of our failings and shortcomings.

The Oracle!

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