The Iceberg Principle!

The iceberg principle states that it’s not what’s above the surface that will sink you but what’s under the surface.

What you generally see of an iceberg is only 10% of it. 90% of it is under the surface. The Titanic sunk because it hit the part of the iceberg that couldn’t be seen. 10% of who you are is what people see. Your gifting, charisma and appearance. These qualities won’t make or break you but the 90% of who you are in your character is what will sustain you or sink you.

Your gifting will always make more room for you than your character has capacity for. Your gifting will take you places but it’s your character that will sustain you, once you get there. The great thing about God is that he is already committed to developing the 90% that no one else can see. He knows you already have a gift. He gave it to you of his own free will. He expects you to develop that gift but inherent within the seed of the gift is the necessary ingredients to be effective in your calling. What you need to grow is your character and your internal capacity. The Holy Spirit is your sanctifier and helper who perseveres with you through your morphing process to become more like Jesus.

Pay attention to what’s under the surface. Your emotions, psychology, attitudes, heart and spirit are foundational to undergirding everything you express in your external environment.

The Oracle!

3 thoughts on “The Iceberg Principle!

  1. So true Corey, you’ve written it so clear and concise! Nailed it!
    I’m not long back from spending four days at a retreat looking at this picture! Morgan and the team from Ransomed Heart referred a lot to ‘the 10% looks good, but what’s under the surface?’ and encouraged us to go there, to go beneath the surface, and to continue to walk with God in all that’s under the surface.

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