What Legacy Are You Leaving Behind?

This thought has gripped me the past few hours, ‘What legacy am I going to leave my kids?’ As I pondered this question, I thought about the legacy my parents have passed onto me. Here is a list of things:

  • A faithful marriage that endured the storms of life
  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Life must include the fun factor
  • Passion for Gods presence
  • Commitment to the local church
  • Love for the Bible
  • Ability to preach
  • Ability to connect with people
  • Faith in God’s sufficiency
  • Love people not based on performance

Wow! As I pondered this list, gratitude filled my heart and made me appreciate my parents  investment into my life. I love them loads. I realised that much of the same list of qualities my parents have passed onto me would be what I want to pass onto my kids. I have added a couple of things to my own list but it does show you the impact your upbringing can have on you.

Proverbs 13:22 ‘A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.’

We carry into our own parenting what our parents have instilled within us. Being a parent is one of the most sacred responsibilities God could entrust to someone. I pray everyday that God would make me an honourable father to my 3 kids. I love them so much.

So, it’s time for you to do some thinking and write down your own list. What legacy was passed onto you and what legacy do you want to pass onto your kids or the people closest to you?

The Oracle!

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