Just 1 Moment!

Life is a collection of defining moments. If I was to ask you what is a moment? I’m not sure you’d be able to define it by a certain period of time (a second, a minute, an hour or a day) but you would be able to define it by the significance of the experience you had in that moment. Life defining moments aren’t always what you’d expect them to be. Graduations, anniversaries and award ceremonies are significant but I would suggest the truly defining moments in life are often those behind the scenes that seem very ordinary at the time.

Jesus Christ had moments in life just like we do. In John 4:1-42 we read of Jesus stopping on his journey at Jacobs well because of fatigue. What appeared to be a very ordinary moment turned into an extraordinary encounter with a woman who got more than she bargained for. Jesus is more accessible to you than you think. Sometimes we get these unhelpful ideas about God that portray him as very distant and very angry with us and yet He is more accessible and more tangible than most of us realise.

The moments that appear most ordinary can be the most extraordinary. A well in ancient times was a place of encounter, similar to what cafes are for us today. The Samaritan woman in this story was engaged in a routine task that turned into an extraordinary encounter with Jesus. Your place of encounter might be on the train into work or in a lecture theatre, on Facebook, a storefront or in a hair salon. I want to encourage you to be faithful with your present moment because with God a 10c moment can turn into a $100 opportunity.

Just 1 moment with Jesus can change your life forever! The Samaritan woman had a thirst that multiple relationships with men and illicit sex couldn’t satisfy. Her thirst was spiritual, not physical. She had a thirst that could only be satisfied by living water (metaphor for relationship with Jesus). The culture around us anaesthetises us with distraction (entertainment, $, sport, career) but all it takes is one moment to reveal what’s truly missing in your life. This woman had one encounter with Jesus and her life was never the same.

I think one of the reasons we see little life change in people’s lives is because we are trying to introduce people to an idea of Jesus rather than the living breathing reality of Jesus alive inside of us. Colossians 1:27 says, ‘Christ in me, the hope of glory.’ When I meet people, I don’t want them to get an idea of Jesus, isolated from me, I want them to meet him by meeting me. Jesus lives in me and acts through me.

The amazing thing about having an encounter with Jesus is that your moment can become someone else’s defining moment. 1 person’s testimony can affect many people’s destiny. The Samaritan woman couldn’t keep her moment to herself. She got her whole town in on the action and in one moment revival came to an entire city.

I encourage you to approach life from a different perspective. Just one moment with Jesus can change everything. Today could very well be your one moment!

The Oracle!

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