Prospering in Your Purpose

1purpose_t_nvThe universal question that plagues the minds and hearts of people the world over is, ‘What on earth am I here for?’ 

Unfortunately, some people live recklessly because they have no idea why or what they exist for. Many people are frustrated by 2 key things in life, a lack of purpose and not prospering in their purpose. I’ve observed that there are 4 key elements to prospering in your purpose:

1. Person-hood = Are you secure in who you are? Do you base your identity on your achievements or on God? People who are relaxed with themselves prosper in their purpose. Too many of us try way too hard because we are not comfortable with ourselves and yet the more we overcompensate in our behaviour the more we actually repel people and purpose away from us. I encourage you to let people into your life that help you to not take yourself so seriously but also help build the authentic you.

2. Purpose = What’s your life purpose? Knowing your purpose is liberating and central to your life as a human. God has created you for a purpose and He wants you to fulfil that purpose. Knowing your purpose begins with identifying the passion that energizes you. Secondly, get clear on the gifting that is making room for you. And thirdly, be aware of the convictions that define your worldview. When Passion, Gifting and Conviction intersect, you start to live on purpose.

3. Prosper = Are you prospering in your purpose? You know you are prospering in your purpose when 3 key things happen. You’re in your element. You’re producing fruit and you’re getting rewarded for it. The bible says, ‘You shall know them by their fruit.’ Your fruit is the outcome of your actions. When you are in your element, you will produce fruit and you will be rewarded for it, not only in eternity but in the present as well.

4. Empower = Are you empowering others to prosper in their purpose? Apart from leading someone to Jesus, the most noble cause on planet earth is to help people find their cause to live for. If your success stops with you, you’ve wasted it. We’ve got to pass onto others what we have learned for ourselves. John Maxwell said to Bill Hybels once, ‘Bill, you’re a great leader but until you understand why you’re a great leader, you’ll never be able to help anyone else.’ The person who is good at something is a dime a dozen. The person who knows why they are good at something and is able to help others become good at their something is very rare indeed. The best way to learn something is to actually teach someone else.

You can know what your purpose is and prosper in it. God has created you for a purpose and the world needs you to prosper in your purpose.

The Oracle!

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