There are no shortcuts with God!

Screen-Shot-2012-04-02-at-10.54.09-AMGod’s saved you, loves you and favours you BUT he is not into letting you take shortcuts at the expense of your character and relationship with him. Too many of us presume upon God’s grace and see it as a license to get away with stuff that others are accountable for.

Thank God for his grace, favour and love but don’t think this means you don’t have to take practical responsibility for your life, health, relationships, finances and work.

We are living in a day and age where, unfortunately, some people walk around with a victim mentality, misunderstanding God’s role in their lives, blaming others for their circumstances and in a quandary as to why life isn’t working out as they expect.

Unfortunately, some believers fall prey to this mindset and their lives downward spiral to the point of spiritual paralysis. Life is always moving in one of two directions, towards God or away from God. Interrupt negative momentum in your life by thinking of yourself and life with sober judgment.

Stop making excuses as to why you can’t do something and take responsibility to change the theme of your life. God’s grace is there to empower you. His word is there to fuel your faith and His Spirit is there to sustain you across the finish line of whatever it is you are pursuing in Him.

The Oracle!

2 thoughts on “There are no shortcuts with God!

  1. Hey Corey,

    Good seeing you on Saturday.

    Here’s a question that continues to play a ping pong discussion in my head and I’d like your input.

    Topic: Habitual Sin
    Seeing friends in my life who profess to believe in Jesus yet don’t seem to show any fruit or evidence of His spirit in their life begs me to ask the question are they saved? I know it’s the grace of God that saves us through faith. I feel like they’re selling themselves short of the life God calls them to live.
    I remember studying the new Pauline perspective while at college, yet I feel like I’ve walked away more confused from this discussion than with answers.

    Another friend of mine is deeply saturated in Grace Theology and makes the point that it’s not purely a moral lifestyle that God calls us to (and stresses that morality actually has nothing to do with it) but infact the true indicator of finding ourselves in salvation is love. He also points out that Paul calls us into recognising our new identity in Christ, not becoming someone ‘moral’ or trying not to sin.

    To finish it off, a lady from church came up and told me that she believed there was a teaching springing up that made it acceptable to habitually sin.
    Sin – Confess – Be forgiven – Sin, Do it again – Confess – Be forgiven…

    I am personally at a place in my thinking that when one puts their faith in Christ they are forgiven and God’s Spirit resides within them. They will not simply stop sinning, however they will begin to recognise who they are and this will impact how they live; The process of sanctification and ridding of the old man.
    However if one shows no sanctification (I understand I am not the judge and do not see the inner workings of the heart) what am I to make of it? Should I be concerned about their state with God? Rebuke them? Pray?

    I feel my theology in this area needs some more input.


    Kind Regards,

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    1. Great questions and great reflective thinking.

      I think you are heading in the right direction and in some ways you’ve answered your own questions about what sanctification should look like.

      I personally think some of the ‘Grace’ teaching has been taken too far and used as a license for habitual sin. I don’t think this reflects a love for God and his commandments at all. Jesus said, ‘He who loves me will obey my commandments’ (Jn 14:15)

      Paul’s emphasis on grace isn’t only about salvation but empowerment. God’s grace empowers us to live a holy life not just to get saved from sin. To be lazy about our sinfulness and presume upon God’s grace is not to take our covenant relationship with God seriously.

      I’m not advocating for a pharisaical approach to individual believers who wilfully sin and don’t show sign of any spiritual growth but as their pastor and/or friend you do have a responsibility before God to oversee their souls and give an account for how you’ve shepherded them.

      I’d pray for them and when appropriate, politely challenge them about their attitude and thinking towards their behaviour.

      No-where in the New Testament, does it give us licence to sin, habitual or non-habitual. In fact Paul stresses, ‘How can we who died to sin still live in it?’ (Rom 6:2). For other potent references on the subject have a read of Romans 6:11-23 and James 4:17.

      Hope this helps. Happy to talk further.


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