Don’t let God pass you by!

Mark 6:48 He came to them walking on the sea, intending to pass by them.

God is on the move in your life! His character stays the same yesterday, today and forever but his ways are dynamic and constantly changing because he is not bound by a religious formula. Jesus was walking across the sea, unimpressed by the labor of his disciples, intending to pass them by. His appearance was so arresting that he appeared as a ghost to the disciples. This tells us, God can appear to us in unfamiliar and sometimes scary ways,  however, Gods greatest treasures are on the other side of our fears and the unknown. The story goes on to tell us that one of Jesus disciples, Peter became curious enough to ask Jesus if he too could walk on water with him. Jesus gave him permission and Peter defied the laws of gravity. Peter had a testimony none of the other disciples had because only those who are willing to leave the boat of comfort get to experience more of what God has made available. Don’t let God pass you by!

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