Calling, Gifting, Anointing!

God has made us tripartite beings, meaning, we are made up of spirit, soul and body. Each of us needs to pay attention to these three areas of our lives if we are to be healthy and productive. In the same way there are three dimensions to our ministry and work in the world that we need to understand and grow in if we are going to be effective in it. The first dimension of any fruitful ministry is calling and this is linked to our identity as a person. The second is gifting and has to do with the unique abilities Gods given to us. The third and final dimension is anointing which is the power Gods given to us to fulfill our unique purpose. Gods calling defines who we are in our identity. Gods gifting enables us to fulfill our calling and Gods anointing empowers us to function in our purpose. In Christ, we are all called to be someone, gifted for something and anointed for somewhere.

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