Know Your Source!

Galatians 1:1 Paul, an apostle, not from men nor through man but through Jesus Christ and God the Father.

The apostle Paul was secure in God and his own skin because he knew who had called him and what he was created to do. Paul knew that other people weren’t his source, so he didn’t have to value himself based upon their opinions. He knew that he himself wasn’t the source of his own calling and therefore didn’t have to rely upon his own strength or lack of to prop himself up and keep him going. Paul knew deep in his heart that God was his source. When you know you came from God, have your being in God and do what you do because of God, you live with unshakeable conviction and peace. Every one of us is on a journey from the womb to the tomb searching for purpose and meaning to our lives. It’s found in God and his real, tangible and abiding presence alone. He is your source!

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