Encourage Yourself in the Lord!

But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God. 1 Samuel 30:6

Life doesn’t always turn out as we expect. Setbacks happen. Disappointments come and unfortunately tragedies do take place. This is all a part of living in a broken world, marred by sin. David’s journey to becoming king of Israel was littered with the aforementioned unexpected interruptions of life. He went out to do the Lords bidding and returned to find his wives and kids captured and his city burned with fire by his enemies. So bad was the situation that even David’s own soldiers wanted to kill him because they too had been personally affected by the tragic turn of events. How did David respond? He found refuge in the presence of God by encouraging himself in the Lord, when there was no one else to encourage him. David had learnt a secret to coping and conquering life’s contradictions, you might not be able to change the situation straight away but you can change your response to the situation by finding refuge in Gods presence. This is a discipline we must all learn, if we are to live a fruitful life in the midst of the enemies intentions of sowing barrenness into our lives. Whatever contradiction you are facing today, encourage yourself in the Lord! #ironprophet

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