Create Memories!

I have just spent the last week on holidays with my family. We have enjoyed the beach, eaten jam filled donuts, watched movies, played board games, worked out, partied at Crown Metropol, laughed till our cheeks were sore, slept in and read new books. The point of all of this was to spend time with the family creating memories! What are the memories you and your loved ones are creating for each other for the future? I live a busy but blessed life. I am travelling most weeks speaking in cities across the world. I am currently in the middle of a new writing project. I’m coaching leaders and encouraging churches around Gods heart and purpose for their futures. There are prayers to pray, sermons to write and people to meet. All of this is a blessing but I can sometimes get lost in a fog of activities and expectations. If I am not intentional about creating memories with my family and friends, life will blend into a maze of endless goals, meetings and deadlines. Time is the most precious resource we have. I encourage you to get intentional about creating memories with the most important people in your life. Explosive Insights!

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