Building a Team for Breakthrough!

People aren’t your greatest asset, the right people are!

One of the great metaphors for a church or ministry team is a bus. On a bus you have a driver and a whole lot of passengers, with hopefully some key people in the seats closest to the driver. Depending on who you have in the key seats, will determine the trip you take.

Research has shown (Jim Collins – Good to Great) that the first thing you must do before you want to build a team for breakthrough is get the wrong people off the bus, the right people on the bus and the right people in the right seats. Before you work out where you want to go or what you want to achieve, you must focus on who you are going to take the journey with.

Great vision without great people is irrelevant.

Whoever is on your bus should be there because of who is on it, not just where it is going. When you have the right people on the bus, you eliminate the need to constantly micro-manage and drive them to get results. The right people are self-starters and are led, not driven to make things happen.

“We focused year after year on injecting endless stream of talent and building them into the best managers in the industry. That’s how you build the future.” (CEO Dick Cooley, Wells Fargo)

Are you trying to be the genius with a thousand helpers or are you trying to build a team of great strength and depth? A genius leader doesn’t need a team, just a bunch of soldiers that will implement their ideas. The problem is, it’s unsustainable. Don’t settle for being a genius on WHAT to do in ministry. Aim to be a genius in WHO you pick for your team. Great leaders build a team for breakthrough, not a platform for their talents.

Look for the 4 C’s in recruiting people – Character, Chemistry, Competence and Calling. Recruit people to your team, even if you don’t have a vacancy for them as yet. Great people will start to contribute because they are initiator’s. It takes rigorous discipline, not a ruthless dictatorship to build a team for breakthrough. A rigorous team environment is disciplined, whereas, a ruthless dictatorship is ego-centric and fear mongering.

Practice the 3 essential disciplines of a rigorous environment:

  1. When in doubt, keep looking – better to have an unfilled position, then fill it with the wrong person.
  2. When you need to change, act quickly – Don’t delay but be decisive.
  3. Put your best people on your biggest opportunities, not your biggest problems – Your best result on your biggest problem will be average. Your best result on your biggest opportunity could be world-changing.

The human component in bottle-necking church / ministry growth isn’t location, circumstances or marketing but the ability to get and keep enough of the right people. Walter Bruckart was once asked to name the top 5 factors in his companies breakthrough. He responded with, “Factor 1 – right people. Factor 2 – right people. Factor 3 – right people…” You get it!


God and Porn!

I’ve heard some people comment that the bible doesn’t refer to pornography, so they are OK to view it. You idiot!

The Greek word for ‘sexual immorality’ in 1 Corinthians 6:18 is pornea which means, “writings of the prostitutes” and is where we get the english word pornography from. When God says to flee from pornea, he’s saying to flee from everything associated with sexual sin, including viewing porn.

Porn origins date back to the technologies of the ancient Romans and Greeks throughout 1st century. By the 18th Century porn exploded in a big way when John Cleland produced the landmark work, “Memoirs of a woman of pleasure”. This book wasn’t available in the USA until the 1960’s. In the 50s no store carried soft porn. In the 60s Playboy was available behind the counter. In the 70s and 80s Penthouse magazine joined Playboy on the shelf, accessible to the eyes of children and from the 90s to the present day, porn is available at the push of a button. It’s only taken 40 years from porn to move from a store shelf to a nude pic on your iPhone. We are a sexualized society and we are de-sensitized to the damaging effects of porn.

  • Currently Pornography is a $56 billion dollar industry.
  • Over 4 million Australians access porn weekly.
  • Playboy website has 5 million hits daily.
  • 13 million human beings are trafficked every year for porn and prostitution.
  • There are 200,000 porn sites on the internet.
  • Average age of viewing porn is 11 years old.
  • The fastest growing child-porn producers are 10-14 year old boys.
  • Over 5 million videos are available depicting rape-porn.
  • Porn is a major issue in the church with 47% of Christians claiming it’s an issue.
  • If the church stopped consuming porn 1/3 of the porn industry would stop.
  • Porn was used as a tool to prime allied soldiers before sending them to Iraq.
  • A Canberra sex hospital has reported a 5000% increase in child-sex abuse due to easy access to porn.
  • Over 95% of sex offenders claim to have used porn before they committed sex crime
  • Reports of sex clubs starting in Primary Schools are emerging with sexting being the new rage amongst teens.

Ahh… we have a problem! Firstly, don’t underestimate the impact of porn consumption on your mind, body, spirit, finances and relationships. Second, If you are caught right now in the clutches of porn, the only way you’ll get free is through repentance, praying for the fear of the Lord and getting accountability into your life.

The core issue biblically is lust. There are a mountain of verses on lust. Here is a key passage (Matthew 5:27-29). We have to move beyond just white-knuckling to obey the letter of the law and embrace the spirit of the law through a heart transformation (Mark 7:21-23). Out of the heart flow the springs of life, that’s why we need to guard it.

Make a decision today, like Job 31:1 that you will make a covenant with God and your eyes to not look at a girl lustfully.