Communication Carries Anointing!

IMG_1240Your communication carries your anointing. Every believer is anointed but not every believer can carry their anointing through their communication. (God)

This is a really important insight. John Maxwell would articulate the insight above with the words, ‘Everyone communicates, few connect’. I’ve observed many anointed people over my lifetime but what separates those who hit the bullseye of people’s hearts and those who don’t is their ability to communicate what that anointing is. Your communication carries your anointing into people’s hearts. You maybe greatly anointed but if you are unable to articulate to others in an effective way, your anointing is inhibited. The anointing is the person and power of the Holy Spirit on you and in you for the purpose to which he has called and gifted you. The anointing is linked to your calling, gifting and purpose. Develop your capacity to communicate cause it will either help or hinder the potential of your anointing to minister to people’s lives effectively.

Weekly Wrap Up!

book of the week

One of the best resources I’ve seen on the prophetic is Kris Vallotton’s manual on ‘Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry’. It’s insightful, clear, concise and easy to understand. If you have a gift of prophecy or are interested in growing in the prophetic, this is a must read.

quote of the week

Authority isn’t a title, it’s the evidence that you know who you really are. (David McCracken)

moment of the week 

Attending my kids school production. I love them and was so proud of them. They crack me up.

news of the week

Awaken Conference Sep 14-15 with speakers Gerard Keehan, Guy Mason, Richard Kobakian and Corey Turner. Registration $70 includes catering. Register at,au

The Oracle!

Your Life is Your Message!

Too often we try to share a message rather than become the message! In a world of competing brands, you are the best brand you could ever get. The Scriptures suggest, ‘our lives are a letter written to the world.’ When people read your life, what do they read?

In the Holy Scriptures, the prophet’s entire lives became God’s message to his people. A prophet was an active extension of Yahweh. Hosea married a prostitute to proclaim a message to Israel about it being a ‘whore’ in their relationship with God. Isaiah walked around barefoot and naked to communicate what was going to happen to Israel if they continued to rebel against God. Prophets didn’t share something external to themselves, they became God’s message and shared their lives with the people and this gave them authority to speak what God wanted his people to hear. As you can imagine, a tough calling to carry at times.

We can share a lot of things with others but we have no authority to speak on something we haven’t first lived out ourselves. What message are you becoming? What authority do you walk in, to share out of? You and I must become the message before we deliver the message. When you and I become the message, the impact of it will be far greater in the lives of people around us.

Embrace what God is doing in your life right now. Don’t try to run ahead and force his hand according to your desire. The Lord is writing his story onto your heart each step of each day. Your spiritual authority is directly connected to your relationship with your Heavenly Father and his power at work in your life.

Faith and Patience!

Hebrews 6:12 ‘Through faith and patience we inherit the promises of God.’

We live in an instant culture – people want instant muscles, wealth, success, love and satisfaction. So much so that if we don’t get what we want instantly, we move on very quickly to something else that we can get our hands on. Problem is, life isn’t instant, nor an event or destination but a process, a journey, a story. Life unfolds incrementally not as one complete package.

Prophecy plays a pivotal role in our lives to reveal Gods promised intent for our future. However, we need to partner with the prophetic and in between the promise and the fulfilment, we must prepare. Both the Holy Spirit and Satan is involved in the process. The former to equip and position us, the latter to resist and destroy us and God’s purposes for us.

There are 2 fundamental keys to fulfilling the promise of God in your life. Many of us have heard about the importance of faith but not enough of us have heard about its twin partner = patience. Faith must be partnered with patience for the promise to be realised.

Patience perseveres with the confidence faith provides (Hebrews 10:35-36). When we refuse to be patient, we damage our confidence and delay or even possibly abort the promises of God. Patience is a fruit of the Spirit, whereas impatience is a fruit of the flesh and one that the enemy can use to destroy us and others around us.

Faith possesses the promise of God in our spirits now but patience matched with faith possesses the promise of God in our reality in the future. Faith and patience looks like actively waiting on God (Isa 40:31) but it also looks like praising and thanking God in the meantime (Hab 3:17-18).

What promise have you received from God that you have either let go of or are struggling to believe in? Don’t lose heart. Partner your faith with patience and you will possess the promises of God.