Its The Little Things!

Zen-Confidence-Meditation-2Catch the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vineyard. (Song of Songs 2:15)

It’s the little things in life that make the biggest difference. Life is the accumulation of little things, little thoughts, little words, little actions and little choices. The pathway to your destiny begins with a little thought. God has appointed you to a vineyard of gifting and responsibility. Ultimately, it’s not the BIG things that threaten the fruitfulness of your vineyard, as it is, the little things along the way that if you don’t catch now can undermine you later. What are the little foxes in your life that are derailing your hopes and dreams? Identify them, catch them and do something about them before they take you out.

Your Call is Bigger than You!

I had the privilege of speaking at Life House Church in Melbourne recently. Right before I was due to speak, the pastor of the Church invited a man by the name of Richard up onto the platform to share a testimony. Initially, I was a little pre-occupied with what I was about to share rather than intently listening to the story being shared. However, as Richard got into his testimony, my ears started to prick up and listen.

Richard shared how 22 years ago he met a young kid who built a close relationship with him. They played baseball together, attended the same school and spent time with each other’s families. This kid invited Richard along to church and even to a ‘Youth for Christ’ rally where this kid’s father was preaching the gospel. That night Richard gave his life to Christ and got saved all because of the influence of this kid and his family.

By this stage of the story I was really intrigued and then absolutely floored when Richard looked at me, in front of the congregation, and said, “That kid was Corey Turner”. I was shocked, speechless and overwhelmed. The truth is I had no idea the impact my relationship with Richard had been in his life. After the congregation cheered and clapped I got up to preach. Talk about a great introduction. The pastor of the church later told me that Richard individually has led many people to Christ by inviting them along to Life House Church.

Your call is bigger than you! So often we look at our call and make it about us but your call is all about others and the purpose that God has for people’s lives. Never take for granted the seeds you sow into other’s lives. One relationship I had 22 years ago is now impacting literally dozens of people’s eternities today. I will never forget the feeling I had when Richard shared this story.

God wants to use you in ways that you can’t even imagine. You need to walk in your call because if you don’t who will? People’s eternities are hanging in the balance and God has given you gifts and calling to affect the destiny of people’s lives.