The Place of Political Incorrectness!

I’m very amused by the incredible lengths we go to, to avoid controversy and conflict in the name of cultural approval. Australia is rampant with it. Especially the Christian Church.

It seems like criticism follows the individual who goes too far (in some people’s minds) but never follows the individual who isn’t prepared to go further than their thoughts. It’s far easier to hide in the shadows, then stand on a dock and give a reason for the hope that you have.

When it comes to the office of the sacred desk, there is no place for political correctness. Line up John the Baptist, the Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ against the majority of us preachers and we fall far behind their commitment to speaking the truth in love. Keep in mind, all three were killed by their enemies. There’s a price to pay for speaking the truth, even in love.

I’m not advocating arrogant rants or angry outbursts or being offensive for the sake of it (although a good shout in the pulpit, every now and then doesn’t hurt), I’m calling for a commitment to speaking and living God’s truth with Christ-like compassion, love, wisdom AND boldness.

Any preacher worth their salt will eventually have a long line of people wanting to offer their opinion on what they could do better or do away with.

Why? Cause the cross is folly to those who are perishing and Christ continues to be a stumbling block of offense for many people. When a preacher is committed to letting the biblical text speak for itself and systematically working through the bible, at some point, it’s going to hit a raw nerve. Preacher, rather than shying away from it, run to it and embrace it. It’s your job to herald such a gospel.

I pray for God’s grace, wisdom and boldness to mark gospel preachers everywhere to declare the full counsel of God’s Word without fear or favor, and to the end of God’s glory and the salvation of people’s souls, let the pulpit be a place of political incorrectness.

Grace! (Matt 13:57; Rom 9:33; Gal 5:11; 1 Peter 2:8)

Power of the Spirit!

Acts 1:8 “But you shall receive POWER when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.”

When I was 6 years old I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit that changed my life. Since then I’ve had several supernatural encounters that have been eye-opening and life transforming, both for me and for others. One thing I’ve observed in our culture is the deep spiritual hunger people have. This is seen particularly in the rise of movies and TV shows centered on supernatural themes. I read a survey recently that said more people believe in aliens and ghosts than God. This is an unfortunate reality check for the church because as a believer I think we are called to manifest God’s power in a tangible way in our daily lives, and clearly there is a misrepresentation of God taking place.

One of the most important things to understand about the Holy Spirit is that the core manifestation of his presence is POWER. Jesus could have said, ‘You shall receive PEACE when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.’ Peace is a fruit of the Spirit and the Spirit works this character quality into our lives but Jesus didn’t emphasize the role of peace when he talked about what we would receive when he came upon us. Jesus could have said, ‘You shall receive TRUTH when…’ But he didn’t, he said, ‘You shall receive POWER’. You get the idea!

YOU can receive the power of God. God’s power isn’t just for so called ‘Holy’ people or ‘Preachers’ only. If you are a believer in Jesus, you have received an anointing that abides in you (1 John 2:27). God’s power is supernatural strength, ability and capacity to affect something or someone for the glory of God. God’s power manifests as boldness to proclaim the Gospel. It also manifests as spiritual gifts to meet needs in people’s lives and in the church.

The power of the Spirit is given for a PURPOSE. God never does anything without purpose. He is incredibly intentional, especially when it comes to giving us his power. To be honest, I think most believers have all the power they need. What they lack is purpose. Make sure you are directing the power of God towards the purpose for which it was given in the first place. To be a witness of Jesus Christ in the earth. You can only witness to what you’ve personally experienced. Do you have a vital and growing personal relationship with Christ or are you distant and aloof to the things of God. Maybe there is a lack of witnessing because there is a lack of personal first hand revelation to actually knowing God.

PRAYER gives birth to God’s power. Devotion to prayer always precedes the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is 2 way communication with God and God’s power was never meant to be used separate to a personal relationship with God. Power is a byproduct of intimacy with God. In particular, speaking in TONGUES releases God’s power in a our lives very effectively. Tongues has been under assault from both within and outside the church over the years but the bible clearly states that, ‘The one who speaks in a tongue builds up himself’ (1 Cor 14:4). The Apostle Paul went even so far as to say, ‘I wish that you all would speak in tongues’ (1 Cor 14:5). Regularly speaking in tongues releases revelation knowledge into our Spirit and empowers our witness to the world. I’ve personally experienced an impartation of supernatural knowledge about people, churches and events that came directly out of time spent praying in the Spirit.

God’s power is available for you because His Spirit dwells on the inside of you, if you belong to Christ. Author and Evangelist Dave Roberson once said, “The very measure of God’s power in a believers life is dependent on how much of his life is ordered by the Holy Ghost.”