Philippians 3:13 But one thing I do.. 

Remove the distractions and unclutter your life! One of the greatest blessings of modern day life is the increase of options which brings with it the curse of increasing distraction. All of us know the feeling of setting our minds and hands to a task, only to find ourselves wandering off into some seemingly pointless pursuit of social media or TV watching. What is it that is getting in the way of what God has created you for and called you to? It’s time to unravel yourself from the complexity of life and focus in like a laser point on the one thing you are here for. Everyone of us have the same amount of hours in the day as the president of the USA and other seemingly high capacity people and yet what are we doing with the precious gift of time Gods given to us. Resolve in your heart that you are not going to let life pass by you any longer and take hold of that which God has purposed you for. This one thing I do!

Get Free From Distractions

Philippians 4:13 “This one thing I do.”

One of the greatest challenges facing our generation is distraction. Many of us are weighed down by the burden of carrying too many roles, responsibilities and interests. This results in fatigue, stress, sickness and a lack of fulfillment. This is birthed out of saying yes to too many things and looking for superficial things to satisfy deep insecurities. Many of us are over stimulated and under prioritized. I encourage you to clear the clutter of your life and remove the distractions. Don’t weigh yourself down any longer with unnecessary clutter from media to possessions to time wasting tasks. Your time, energy and purpose is too valuable to waste on the trivial.

What is your One Big Thing?

onebigthingI’m reading a book titled ‘One Big Thing’ by insightful author Phil Cooke. It’s very helpful and provocative to say the least. I recommend it.

From reading it I’ve been challenged by these key ideas.

Clear away the distractions and focus on becoming exceptional at one big thing. Modern life is complex, overwhelming and distracting. A key recipe to emerging from the chaos surrounding you is to identify the one big thing you were born to be, do or accomplish. Doing this will narrow your focus and compel you to utilize your time more effectively for your core purpose.

Focusing on one big thing will ignite your passion. A person fully alive is the glory of God. You can’t be fully alive without passion. Passionate people produce extraordinary things and attract a following. People line up for those who are passionate and exceptional about their one big thing.

Think about whom you want to influence with your one big thing. Who you want to influence is a key to focusing your energies and efforts to maximise your one big thing. Your niche crowd could be mum’s, leaders, executives, average joe, athletes, aspiring actors or teenagers. No matter how life changing your one big thing is, without an audience, your message doesn’t matter.

Your one big thing is connected to what you’re actually good at, not what you want to be good at. Sometimes we get romantic notions about what we want to do but demonstrate no skill or grace in that area. Get brutally honest with yourself without putting yourself down because every one of us have something we can develop and excel at. Discover what it is and get working on it. The best way to get noticed for your work is to be incredible at one big thing.

We are all capable of being ok at many different things but I’m interested in what is the one big thing we can contribute to this world. Ignore the advice of the crowd and put all of your eggs in one basket. Master your craft.

The Oracle!

Distractions to your Call!

John 12:27 “But for this purpose I have come to this hour.”

Jesus had an understanding of the call on his life but he was also aware of the challenges and distractions to that call. It’s so easy to be distracted from the call of God on your life but you need to have the same conviction that Jesus had, “For this purpose I have come to this hour.”

I heard Brian Houston once say, “Ministry is all about people but people can sometimes be your biggest distraction.” When Jesus was fulfilling his call on the cross, the crowd of people watching were calling for Jesus to come down from his call and identify with them. But Jesus knew that the greater purpose was to die for the very people who were wanting him to walk away from his call. Here are some distractions to avoid:

Don’t get distracted by the smallness of other people. People’s issues and offenses can cripple you in your call if you get bogged down in them. Love people but down lower yourself to play petty games with them.

Don’t get distracted by your critics. Someone, somewhere will always have an opinion about you and something you are doing. Measure the weight of the person’s opinion before you take it personally. Feedback from a person you respect is different to criticism from someone who is passing through your life.

Don’t get distracted by disappointments. We all make mistakes and things don’t always work out as planned. Sometimes we can let disappointments disable us from the dream in our hearts but disappointments are part of life. If you fail, at least fail forward and keep on walking.

Don’t get distracted by the crowd. There is a big difference between the crowd and the core. Crowds will come and go when the shine wears off but the core will stand with you through thick and thin. Jesus said, “I will build my church”. He didn’t say, “I will build me a crowd.”

Stay true to the call of God and be alert because the enemy prowls around looking for someone to devour.