Don’t Miss Your Miracle!

IMG_1483Genesis 28:16 ‘Surely, the Lord is in this place and I did not know it. How awesome is this place.’

Too many of us are always thinking about what we lack rather than what we already possess. It’s so easy in our culture to allow lack and discontentment to rule our lives rather than thanksgiving and gratitude.

Could it be that you are right in the middle of your miracle unfolding before you but because you are so distracted by your perception of lack, you are, unfortunately, missing out?

In the bible, Jacob, son of Isaac, was on the adventure of his life but it took a dream from God to wake him up to the fact that he was in the middle of a miracle, the Promised Land.

What does God have to do in your life to wake you up to the truth that his presence is with you and that your miracle is unfolding before you? Never judge your life by circumstance alone but realise that there is more happening behind the scenes than what you can see with your natural eyes.

The Oracle!

Sonship and Servanthood!

Servant-hood is a good calling. Sonship is a great calling. Sonship is at the epicentre of God’s heart. A son will have a heart ownership that a servant will never truly understand. Leaders, build your organisation’s future on sons not servants. Servant’s will only take it so far, sons will die for the cause they carry it in their hearts.

A father’s future rests in their sons and daughters, not on those who simply serve them. A son carries the DNA of the house, a servant ob-serves the DNA of the house. King David had a son, Solomon. It was on the back of Solomon that the kingdom moved forward, not on the back of someone who simply was serving their own agenda.

Abraham had a son, Isaac, who had a son, Jacob. The big 3! The whole purpose and promise of God rested on the baton of faith being passed down from one generation to the next. God’s promise to Abraham was fulfilled on the back of sons, not servants. Hagar was a servant used to fulfil God’s promise man’s way. Ishmael was the result and God rejected him. But God used and blessed the son of the promise.

Prophet Elijah had a son in the faith, Elisha. Elisha saw Elijah as his spiritual father but Elisha didn’t pass the baton on. Elisha had a servant, Gehazi. Gehazi served Elisha for his own agenda and the legacy wasn’t passed on.

What are you building and who are you building with? Are you building on sons or servants? How do you know the difference?

  • Sons always honour
  • Sons champion your vision, not their own
  • Sons are proven over time
  • Sons protect your back
  • Sons are honest with you
  • Sons are on the frontline with you
  • Sons endure pain with you
  • Sons help you do, what you do better
  • Sons know what you want before you open your mouth

I’m fortunate enough to have had spiritual sons and daughters partner with me in my ministry. The end result is huge. Sons always benefit themselves from the father because the father’s one desire is to bless the son as much as possible. The Father modelled to us in Matthew 3 what his heart and desire was for Jesus, ‘This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.’

The Oracle!

Gods Waiting Room!

Once upon a time there was a young man named Joseph… (Read Genesis 37-41 for context). Joseph was his fathers favourite son who made Joe a coat of many colours. His brothers despised him for his favour, even more so, when God gave Joseph two prophetic dreams of influence and power. They decided to throw him into a pit, sold him to Ishmaelite traders, who sold him into slavery in Egypt. Joseph while favoured by God was falsely accused of rape and sentenced to prison in Pharaohs jail. Two servants of Pharaoh were sent to prison for committing offences against the king and they both received two prophetic dreams, which Joseph interpreted by God’s gracious gifting in his life. Joseph was forgotten by the cupbearer whose prophetic dream saw him established back to his original position and Joe was left in prison for another two years.

Joseph was in God’s waiting room where you get prepared by God to fulfil your calling. Joseph is often characterised as a perfect individual but even he needed to be refined and prepared by God for his ultimate calling. All of us know what it’s like to wait in a waiting room. It can sometimes be very painful. Just as there are waiting rooms in the natural, so too are they in the spiritual and every persons waiting room is unique and looks different to anybody else’s. If we don’t recognise our waiting room, we will respond inappropriately to the season God has us in.

In God’s waiting room you watch other people’s dreams come to pass while yours is at a standstill. In God’s waiting room, you find it easier to interpret other people’s dreams, than you do your own. In God’s waiting room, no one who enters your life does so by accident. In God’s waiting room, you grope for mans attention rather than waiting for God’s timing. In God’s waiting room, you will want to complain about your hardships. In God’s waiting room, you will feel forgotten. In God’s waiting room, you are being prepared for your calling.

All of the above happened to Joseph and will most probably happen to you if you accept the invitation to the school of the Spirit = Gods waiting room. But the good news is that God will only keep you waiting in his room as long as is necessary to prepare you for what he has for you to walk in. Many are called but few are chosen. The few who get chosen to walk in a higher calling do so because they postured themselves for growth while in Gods waiting room. Will you accept the invitation?