Communication Carries Anointing!

IMG_1240Your communication carries your anointing. Every believer is anointed but not every believer can carry their anointing through their communication. (God)

This is a really important insight. John Maxwell would articulate the insight above with the words, ‘Everyone communicates, few connect’. I’ve observed many anointed people over my lifetime but what separates those who hit the bullseye of people’s hearts and those who don’t is their ability to communicate what that anointing is. Your communication carries your anointing into people’s hearts. You maybe greatly anointed but if you are unable to articulate to others in an effective way, your anointing is inhibited. The anointing is the person and power of the Holy Spirit on you and in you for the purpose to which he has called and gifted you. The anointing is linked to your calling, gifting and purpose. Develop your capacity to communicate cause it will either help or hinder the potential of your anointing to minister to people’s lives effectively.

The Journey is the Testimony!

Too often we live in the distant future rather than embracing our present reality. I have suffered from this many times in my past and missed the story God was weaving into my life in that very moment.

Stop thinking your life begins in the future. You’re living in it right now. This may be quite depressing for you if your current reality is painful or not as you want it to be but I’ve discovered that every season has a purpose and must be embraced for what it is.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 ‘For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven.’

It seems like we are all heading towards a place called “there”, hoping, wishing and believing that “there” is going to live up to our expectations and fulfill all our desires and then we will be fulfilled in life. While its great to have a dream or a vision for what could be, it’s integral that you understand that life is what happens to you while you are desperately searching for that place called “there”. Rather than waiting for “there” to arrive, start redefining your approach to life and live each day, presently conscious of what is happening in each moment.

I get to speak in lots of different churches and meet lots of different people. On the one hand I get to speak out of the revelation Gods given me into His word but I also speak out of my personal journey. It’s when Gods revelation intersects with my personal journey that something truly special happens, not just for me but for those whom I minister to.

I’ve discovered that my story connecting with Gods story will help ppl in their story. My testimony isn’t about my destination, it’s about my everyday journey. What I’ve wrestled with, what I’ve learnt and what God has carried me through along the journey becomes the impetus that washes over people’s hearts and causes them to marvel at Gods goodness and grace, not just for me but for them as well.

I encourage you to look at your life from a different perspective. Your life is passing before you very quickly. You’re living it while you are pursuing your dreams and aspirations. Life doesn’t start when you arrive. It has already started for you. Your journey is your testimony. What is God showing you today?

The Oracle!

Your Life is Your Message!

Too often we try to share a message rather than become the message! In a world of competing brands, you are the best brand you could ever get. The Scriptures suggest, ‘our lives are a letter written to the world.’ When people read your life, what do they read?

In the Holy Scriptures, the prophet’s entire lives became God’s message to his people. A prophet was an active extension of Yahweh. Hosea married a prostitute to proclaim a message to Israel about it being a ‘whore’ in their relationship with God. Isaiah walked around barefoot and naked to communicate what was going to happen to Israel if they continued to rebel against God. Prophets didn’t share something external to themselves, they became God’s message and shared their lives with the people and this gave them authority to speak what God wanted his people to hear. As you can imagine, a tough calling to carry at times.

We can share a lot of things with others but we have no authority to speak on something we haven’t first lived out ourselves. What message are you becoming? What authority do you walk in, to share out of? You and I must become the message before we deliver the message. When you and I become the message, the impact of it will be far greater in the lives of people around us.

Embrace what God is doing in your life right now. Don’t try to run ahead and force his hand according to your desire. The Lord is writing his story onto your heart each step of each day. Your spiritual authority is directly connected to your relationship with your Heavenly Father and his power at work in your life.