Weekly Wrap Up!

book of the week

Reposition Yourself is a book written by TD Jakes about breaking through the limitations that stand in our way. Each of us are on a journey from where we are to where God wants us to be. This book highlights the mindset necessary and the steps you need to take to reposition yourself in the new lane God has for you.

quote of the week

The God thing in one season could be the good thing in the next season that God asks you to let go of so you can embrace the God thing in the next season after that.

moment of the week

Connecting with David Milne was a real highlight for me. David is an entrepreneur, business guru, family man and former general manager of John Bevere Ministries. His testimony, insights and faith is inspiring.

news of the week

London 2012 was massive news for this week. In particular Usain Bolt winning the sprint double 100m/200m. I love his talent, his confidence and his showmanship. Good for the sport and good entertainment.

The Oracle!

The Tension of Trust!

Jeremiah 17:5-6 Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength.. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. (Read v5-10 for full passage)

I love being a dad and one of my memorable experiences with my kids was teaching them how to swim. On one particular holiday, my wife and I took our 3 kids down to the resort swimming pool and one by one encouraged them to jump off the ledge into the water and into our arms. It was a lesson of trust that for 2 of the 3 kids created a lot of tension for them.

Trust has a tension to it. I call it the ‘What if’ factor. What if it doesn’t work? What if I sink? What if God doesn’t meet my expectations? What if I marry the wrong person? Too many people live by their ‘what ifs‘ rather than by what God’s Word says. However, you’ll never live by what God says, until you trust who God is.

The biggest wrestle of my walk with God has been learning to trust in him and not in myself or anyone else as my primary source. The reason why is because I didn’t know if I could trust his character. However, God has taken me on a journey to teach me to trust in him and all that I have seen of God teaches me I can trust him with all that I haven’t seen in my future.

The default of the human heart is distrust. We find it difficult to trust ourselves, let alone others. Why? Jeremiah 17:9 says, ‘The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?’ There’s a popular song by recording artist, Sting, with the lyrics, “Let your soul be your pilot, let your soul guide you home.” Baloney! Apart from Christ, our default position is distrust, deception and disobedience. If our hearts were basically good, we wouldn’t have needed a Saviour to save and deliver us from our sin.

Trusting God requires a heart transformation. God searches the heart and tests the mind and gives us a new heart. God uses a variety of surgical instruments to transform us, most commonly circumstances. Every life circumstance is about learning to trust in God. God uses our circumstances to teach us how to relate to him in such a way that we fully trust his nature at work on our behalf. Trust is relational, not circumstantial.

Your relationship with God will determine your revelation of God. Walking with God is a progressive journey of revelation. The greater your revelation of Gods character, the greater your level of trust. Trusting God is easier, the greater your affections for God’s presence increases. Abiding in God’s presence brings trust because God is trustworthy. Trust isn’t something I cultivate, it’s already built into God’s very nature. God is faith personified, its his nature to believe. The more I abide in him (Jn 15:1-11) the more trust becomes my lifestyle.

God blesses those who trust in him and curses those who trust in the flesh. Trusting in the flesh results in a barren life but trusting in God results in a fruitful and abundant life. The more we learn to trust in who God is, the more we will live by what he speaks into our lives.

The Oracle!

Seize the Day!

Matthew 6:34 ‘Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.’

Every single one of us have been given 24hrs each day. Whether you are the US president, a pastor, a police officer or a patient mother, we all have only 24hrs to fill. What are you doing with your 24hrs?

A lot can be accomplished or very little can be accomplished, it’s all in how you approach each day. Everyday I look for a few key things because I’ve discovered that everyday has something for me to grow in or discover that I wasn’t previously aware of.

Everyday I look for the God encounter. I want to meet with God daily and have him ‘wow’ me again in some area of my life and ministry. I want to live life with an ethos of amazement. I’m intentional about this and so I carve out specific time to meet with him. Out of the overflow of my intimacy with him, he amazes me in both small and great ways throughout the rest of the day.

Everyday I look for something to grow in. Life never ceases to provide opportunities for all of us to grow in some way or another. I want to take something away from each day that adds value to my world and that enhances my personal growth.

Everyday I look for God’s purpose. At the end of my day, I want to know for what purpose did I breathe today. Was it simply to relax and enjoy my family or was it to accomplish something in my ministry? Everyday has purpose written all over it. You just need to stop and reflect on what purpose each day is for.

As you navigate each day with God, you can see God weaving together his master plan in your life and positioning you where he wants you to be and what he wants you to do. Don’t get caught up so much in tomorrow that you miss today. Seize the day you are in and suck as much out of it as God will allow you to.

The Oracle!

Breakthrough doesn’t come at Bargain Prices!

Numbers 13:30-31 ‘Caleb quieted the people before Moses and said, “Let us go up at once and occupy it, for we are well able to overcome it.” Then the men who had gone up with him said, “We are not able to go up against the people, for they are stronger than we are”.’

Fashion is one of my hobbies and I don’t mind the odd shop for some quality clothes. I’ve observed the higher quality the product, the higher price you must be willing to pay for it. You can’t have a BMW experience with a Ford Escort mentality.

Breakthrough in life and ministry operates the same way. The bigger the breakthrough you need, the bigger the price you must be willing to pay for it. Breakthroughs don’t come at bargain prices.

Problem is breakthrough is often disguised as hard work. The 10 spies who reported to Moses the state of the Promised Land looked at the giants, fortified cities and obstacles in the way and said, ‘Too Hard’. Most people want breakthrough, they’re just not willing to embrace the hard work required to get it. There’s a difference between a desire and a conviction. A desire is a surface level feeling that disappears when hard work is required but a conviction is a revelation in your heart that you will possess what you are believing for regardless of the hard work involved.

Breakthrough is inhibited by a bad report. 10 out of 12 spies brought back a bad report and it stopped nearly 3 million people from entering into their Promised Land. I’ve discovered, you can hear 100 words of encouragement but one negative report will be the thing you take away with you. I bad egg can mess it up for everyone else. We’ve got to guard our hearts and watch the report coming out of our mouths.

Breakthrough requires you to see through obstacles. 10 spies couldn’t see past the obstacle and they got intimidated by it to the point that they saw themselves as grasshoppers. When you see yourself as a grasshopper, you don’t see yourself as capable of overcoming great obstacles. When you can’t see through the obstacle you compare yourself to it and get intimidated by it. Get your eyes back onto Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith. When you get a revelation of whom God is, He will give you a revelation of whom you are.

Joshua and Caleb modeled 4 key actions (V30) that we need to take note of as we head towards our own breakthrough:

  1. Unity – We are stronger together than we are alone
  2. Urgency – Seize the opportunity before you
  3. Faith – God was their source of strength
  4. Sacrifice – You can’t go up, if you don’t give up

God wants you to breakthrough but there’s a few hard questions you need to ask yourself. What hard work is in front of me that I am trying to avoid? What bad report have I brought to the table that I need to repent of? What obstacles in front of me intimidate me?

The Oracle!