Embracing Transitions!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 ‘For everything there is a season and a time for ever matter under heaven.’

Life is filled with times and seasons. Just as there is summer, autumn, winter and spring built into the cycle of seasons in nature, there are spiritual seasons of pruning, preparation and productivity, among others that make up our lives.

One key to being fruitful in life is knowing and embracing the season you are in. A lack of awareness of your current season could result in you trying to make something happen in your present reality that’s more suitable for your future. We need to match our expectation and application to the time and season God has us in.

There are 2 dimensions of time – Chronos and Kairos. Chronos time is the ticking of the clock and the turning of the calendar. Kairos time is the divine window of opportunity that God presents to us to accomplish something powerful and unique. Most of life is lived in Chronos time but we have to be aware of the Kairos moments God is presenting to us, if we’re going to seize the season we are in.

Seasons don’t last forever and so we need to be able to transition into a new season with grace and wisdom. Seasonal transitions can occur through a change of location, job, career, calling, relationship or financial circumstances. But seasonal transitions can also occur in your life in less obvious ways, while you are still in the same job, same location and same circumstances. God works in mysterious ways and is always at work in us, regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Embracing transitions in life effectively requires lots of prayer, God’s grace, input from wise counsel, paying attention to the sign posts along the way and not holding onto anything so tightly that we actually have no room for the new thing God wants to do in us and through us. What season are you in? Are you in the middle of a transition? Gods with you and will instruct you in the way you should go!


Less is More

Life seems to constantly creep towards complexity. It doesn’t matter how well intentioned you are, each new day brings with it new opportunities to be distracted from what’s most important.

I’ve observed that most people have a passion for doing 1-2 things but tend to never get around to actually doing what they love because of other competing demands or distractions. We must confront the brutal facts about our lives and realize we can only do so much. The size of our impact is connected more to our concentration on doing the one thing that’s most important than doing eleven different things average.

Less is More

Here are 6 ideas to help you do more by doing less:

1. Minimality = keep it simple: It’s not about the hours you put in but what you put into those hours. Focus is about making disciplined choices about what to take off the plate and what to leave on it. The secret of concentration is elimination.

2. Intentionality = keep it missional: Ask yourself ‘what’s my mission and am I doing it?’ keep the main thing, the main thing.

3. Reality = keep it real: Say goodbye to impression management and say hello to the brutal facts. Be authentic and real with God, yourself and people.

4. Multility = keep it cellular: Ask, ‘What if…?’ Important question if you are going to keep growing. How can you expand the one thing you are on about exponentially?

5. Velocity = keep it moving: Live with a sense of urgency. Time is short and now is the time to act. Move from idea to implementation quickly.

6. Scalability = keep it expanding: Leverage the strength of others around you by having an ‘arrows out’ theology that keeps people moving out to do more of the one thing that’s most important rather than boxed in to what’s least important.